A Symposium in Honor of Hans-Jürgen Grabbe


After the 2016 presidential election, the National Woman’s Party of the U.S. sent out a worldwide appeal to help prevent “all that we have accomplished to be overturned or dismissed.” The NWP appeal pointed out that the “nation has just experienced one of the most negative presidential campaigns in history” and that “women were once again targeted with hateful rhetoric” reminiscent of the treatment picketing suffragists experienced one hundred years ago. The NWP’s open letter indicates two essential concerns: first, that we appear to have reached a moment of crisis in the history of women and U.S. politics, and second, that this crisis needs to be understood through a historical lens. This conference explores both issues. It brings together high-ranking scholars from various disciplines from the United States, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, and Great Britain to investigate how U.S. politics past and present are conceptualized and practiced in relation to gender.

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